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Take a Closer Look

Nature Meditation Experience
Take a Closer Look
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Take a Closer Look explores meditation through a living collage of detailed nature photography. The experience begins with a seemingly solid backdrop and a pulsing circle to emulate a pattern of healthy deep breathing. As the viewer relaxes, the background becomes clearer, transforming into a nature collage. The imagery displays natural beauty and signifies the user's new attention and appreciation of nature through a state of relaxing meditation.


"...Breathe in and out of your nostrils, pay attention, and something amazing happens."

– Lama Surya



Inspired by a chapter from Awakening the Buddha Within, by Lama Surya, my goal was to create a relaxing, simple meditation experience. Nature photography was chosen based on meditation's association with nature.



Nature hikes were taken in Camarillo, California using a Canon T7i camera. Most photos are close-up shots with a shallow depth of field to draw attention to little details. Edited in Photoshop and Camera Raw.


Video & Animation

Photographs were collaged and animated in Adobe After Effects. The photos are always moving to reflect how nature is alive and active, and become increasingly clear to reference the viewer's heightened senses.



Ten people watched a prototype and gave feedback: how did they feel? what did they understand? what did they like/dislike? As a result, I was challenged to enhance the user's experience and engagement. My response was to add music, replace photos, lengthen the experience, and progressively sharpen photos to continuously engage the viewer.

Viewer Responses


"Relaxing, meditative. Good to zone out and get your brain in that good space of flowing."

"Makes the natural world feel infinitely amazing and surprising."

"I found myself becoming immersed within the images of nature."

Photography Used

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