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Scott Pilgrim
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This short film is a scene recreation from the movie, Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Dialogue, composition, and cuts were all treated accurately in this recreation. The entire scene was filmed in a mirrored perspective, which differentiates it from the original movie. The film showcases an exercise in cinematography.


Matching every shot... in reverse.



As a team, we sought to recreate a scene from a movie as accurately as we could. We chose a scene from Scott Pilgrim vs the World because we found it humorous and thought it would be a challenge. The goal was to recreate the scene at accurately as we could, including all the actions of the actors and the composition of the camera.



During the film shoot, the source materials was constantly referenced to almost perfectly reflect the composition of the scene and position of the camera. There were limitations of the set, the living room and kitchen. Because the kitchen being used for filming was in reverse from the movie (the fridge was on the left in our kitchen, where the movie has it on the right), it was decided the entire short film be mirrored. This added an extra challenge that was overcome to still stay accurate to the source material.



The recorded clips were edited together in Adobe Premiere. The original movie was referenced to get the film cuts exact and determine which takes looked the best. Other effects were added, such as sound effects. To add some extra flair, a comparison between the original movie and our version was made and included into the final video.