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Lee's Photography Gallery

I love photography and capturing the world from unique perspectives. Most of my photos are candid, as I prefer to capture things in the moment. I typically capture whatever catches my eye, whenever a spark of inspiration occurs. Traditional photo editing as well as more creative editing are used on the photos. My subjects vary widely but I believe they're all quite interesting.

Main Gallery

Every picture* I've uploaded, organized from newest to oldest (upload date)

*If you're wondering, all my pictures are compressed in  resolution and quality to help them and the webpage load quickly. It's more important to show what my pictures are and not ensuring you can zoom into the tiniest detail. Most viewers are on their cell phone so I want to prioritize solid loading. I keep the highest quality versions if I want to see the detail or print the pictures. My camera takes 6000x4000 pixel images, so I certainly have high resolution but true viewers will identify these pictures by their shapes and form rather than resolution. High resolution is still nice though! :)

Main Gallery


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