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Expression on the Outside

For several weekends, I traveled to Venice Beach. I didn't go for the sights of the area, but for its people. I realized that many people there seem to have unique ways of displaying themselves, whether it be through hats, tattoos, shoes, jackets, and other accessories. It made me think about how people express themselves other than using words or facial expressions. This fascinated me and prompted me to take photos of different people who stuck out to me as uniquely expressing themselves. Each picture is a straight-on portrait of the person. Each subject was asked to stand with a relaxed pose and relaxed expression, however they decided to do that. In this way, it drew more attention to what they were wearing and not their expressions. This would allow for unique comparisons between my subjects. The project reveals how no two people are alike, and this can be seen through the ways in which they express themselves on the outside.

To Set Free

For this photo-shoot, I went to the Los Angeles Veteran's Association Cemetery to take various photographs of things I found there. In the end, I came up with eight different photographs, which all relate in some way with the process of obtaining freedom, which often comes with the cost of war and fighting. The first three photos represent people who need liberation, the next three photos represent what comes of liberation, and the last two photos represent what happens after liberation. These photos are meant to be viewed together in a set, but they also do well individually.