More Projects


Digital Games & Interactive

Cube Thumbnail.png

CUBE – 2D JavaScript Platformer

Game Design, Programming, Iterative Design

pixel visualizer thumbnail 2.png

Pixel Visualizer – 3D HSB Data Visualization Tool

Interactivity, Programming, Data Visualization

CPR Training Thumbnail.png

CPR Training – Interactive Educational Experience

Interactivity, Programming, Storytelling

Two Kids in a Trench Coat Thumbnail.png

Two Kids in a Trench Coat – Co-op Game

Game Design, Unity, Perforce

Video & Animation

Alyssa Myers 6.png

Alyssa Myers – IMAX Storytelling

Video Production, Editing, Composition, IMAX Format


Scott Pilgrim – Scene Recreation

Video Production, Editing, Composition

Better Sleep Thumbnail.gif

Better Sleep – Educational Animation

Adobe After Effects, Graphic Design, Color Theory, Animation

A Day in the Life Thumbnail.png

A Day in the Life – Comedic Self-Shot Film

Video Production, Editing, Composition


Grand Canyon – VR Video Experience

Maya, Animation, 360 Stereo VR


Graphic Design

Love Nature Thumbnail.png

Love Nature – Photography-Inspired Illustrations

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Photography, Color Theory

Foster Care Thumbnail.png

Foster Care – Informational Infographic

Adobe Illustrator, Data Visualization, Color Theory


Photography & Publication

FB Cotton Bowl [L].png

Publications – Layout, Design, and Editing

Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Layouts, Editing

Walking into the Sea.jpeg

Creative Photography

Adobe Photoshop, Photography

Art Bartner.jpg

Publications – Photography

Adobe Photoshop, Photography


Photography Sets

Adobe Photoshop, Photography


Physical Games

Constructive Complimenting Thumbnail 2.p

Constructive Complimenting – Team Building Game

Game Design, Prototyping

A Week's War Thumbnail.png

A Week's War – Fast-Paced Strategy Game

Game Design, Prototyping

The Abyss Thumbnail.png

The Abyss – Conveyor Belt Board Game

Game Design, Prototyping