Love Nature

Photography-Inspired Illustrations
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Love Nature is an illustrated poster series encouraging viewers to engage more with nature. The posters illustrate details in nature using photography as a base. Each poster focuses on a specific nature theme, such as flowers, birds, small creatures, or trees. The posters are meant to pop and be eye catching so that if they were ever displayed it may make a random viewer think more about the nature that exists around them.


Reminding people that nature is out there



Today, we're all in our apartments, offices, and vehicles all the time that we often forget the nature is out there. After going on a nature walk, I took multiple nature photos. Using my photography as a base, I decided to make an illustrated poster series advertising nature. I used illustrations to help exercise my illustrating skills. Quotes were added later to provide encouraging context.



Multiple nature hikes were taken around the Camarillo, California area. Photographs included multiple different subjects—trees, flowers, bugs, landscapes, and people. Older photos were also used to fill in any gaps in an illustration. Many shots were chosen because the angle and composition of the subject would make a distinct and identifiable illustration.



A green color palette was selected to represent natural tones with a blue accent color. Photographs were imported into Photoshop and paths were created around each subject. The paths were then imported into Adobe Illustrator and served as the base subject outline. Other details were traced with a different color to add more detail. When details were finished, illustrations were composed onto each poster. More details would be added to further distinguish each subject. Solid color backgrounds were used to make the illustrations stand out.



Multiple versions of illustrations were created in order to improve and tweak the design. At first it was intended that the whole poster would be photographic, but this was changed in favor of illustrations. several illustrations would be produced in batches and shown to a group of viewers for feedback regarding the overall visual appeal. This influenced future iterations that would go through similar testing before arriving at the final version. Additions made based on feedback include adding extra detail to each illustration and adding relatable nature quotes.

Viewer Responses


"The quotes, images, and colors are harmonious. There's a feeling of beauty with that the quotes are trying to evoke."

"Underlying is the basic concept of nature. There's unity and diversity: different elements but similar tones."

"The color palette is very soothing. The visuals are very peaceful and zen."

Design Iterations

Photographs Used