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G.I. Joe: Veteran Edition

Product Design Innovation
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GI Joe Main Image.png

G.I. Joe – Veteran Edition is an action figure concept designed to make a veteran feel valued and congratulate his or her transition into civilian life. Different aspects of veterans are displayed on both sides of the box, the left showing their qualities, while the right shows a few varied career avenues. This mockup was printed to construct an example toy box.


Highlighting the good qualities of veterans



I wanted to create a toy box with a positive, non-controversial message. Thinking about my father who's a veteran, I thought about other veterans that often have trouble with life after their service. I took into account different aspects of veterans that could evoke positive thinking for a viewer.



First a physical box was measured and an outline was created for Illustrator. Assets were created by tracing other assets, like a dog tag or saluting veteran, with the pen tool. Drawn assets were composed on the box and accompanied with text.

Expansion and Marketing Ideas


Single box concept — a unique box design that works for any branch of the military with a figure wearing a uniform representing the Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, or Coast Guard.

Multi box concept — a unique box design utilizing a targeted color pallet and typography for each branch of the military. This offers the opportunity to highlight certain in-service skills and attributes that may be unique to one branch of service.

Clothing and "tools" accessories — a separate line of civilian attire and "tools" representing the occupation the veteran is transitioning into: medicine, construction, business, transportation, teaching, science, farming, etc.

Product Pitch Applications


Preserve the goal of making the veteran feel valued, both in character and skills.

A tribute from a veteran's child — "Daddy's Home!" A Navy engineer is transitioning into a welding profession.

Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs) — "Congratulations! We are proud of you and wish you success in your new career!" CA Department of Veteran's Affairs, Troops to Teachers, and Goodwill are examples of organizations that help veterans transition from military to civilian occupations. Given as a tribute to the veteran upon completion of a career/training course.

Corporate Veteran Hiring Initiatives — "Thank you for your service and welcome aboard!" This option provides an opportunity to incorporate company branding into the box design and clothing accessories.


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