CPR Training

Interactive Educational Experience
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CPR Training is not a replacement for CPR training but rather an encouragement to become CPR certified. The experience begins with a small scenario where you (the user) witness a man collapse. Following the incident, you visit the hospital the man was taken to and find a CPR training class, so a story starts to form. Upon completing the "training" many new buttons appear that tell people's testimonials as well as link to helpful websites about CPR. There is also a button to return "back in time" to when the man collapsed and you have the opportunity to save him, now knowing how CPR works inside this game.


Encouraging people to learn about CPR through interaction



I wanted to create a project that gave the viewer a message but was also interactive. I had been thinking about Boy Scouts and how I had to become CPR certified. I believe learning CPR is very important as it could save the life of someone around you someday. I was remembering a specific CPR class I had at a fire station and then I got an idea. What if I created a project where the user goes through a CPR training course? The project evolved to follow a small story of being unable to save a man's life and then learning about CPR.



The entire project was programming in Java utilizing the Processing IDE for the visual output and interaction. This project contained a lot of logic to check where the user was and whether they had completed something. A lot of click detection had to be programmed as well for clicking on different "buttons" and doing the CPR minigame. Sounds and images had to be loaded in and displayed properly at the correct time.


Adobe Photoshop

All of the visual components of the project were composed using Adobe Photoshop. Several images were found from free sharing websites but still required editing. All of the project's scenes were constructed in Photoshop, including the backgrounds and clipboards


Game Design

This project became gamified to make it more engaging for the user. The main game was the CPR training where the user must click chest compressions with the beat of the sound, not too fast or too slow. The program also has some story, where a man collapses in front of you. After you complete the CPR training, there's a clock that enables you to go back in time and try to save the man's life, now that you know how to do it. It brings the experience all the way around to feel complete and satisfying



The project began as a paper prototype; navigating screens and doing "CPR" were simulated by me. Once I got working on the digital version, multiple prototyping sessions were conducted to improve the design and comprehension of the information. The project was much simpler but testers provided great suggestions for how to expand it, such as adding some story or making the entire project look photo-realistic. The prototyping also helped me get a lot of the interactions tested with clicking as well as determine any bugs with the programming

Development Images and Prototype Testing