Constructive Complimenting

Team-Building Exercise Game
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Constructive Complimenting is an organized team-building exercise game where two teams must create a specific structure. Each team is given an assortment of craft materials and randomly drawn "topic" card that determines the structure to create within the time limit. Each structure come with specific challenges the team must overcome, such as building to a certain height or supporting an object. When the time limit is over, each team observes each other's work and provides compliments to how they approached each challenge. The game's intention was to make the players feel "proud" as a result of playing.


Creating a game that makes players feel proud



The goal of the project was to create a game that made players feel proud. I Initially tried a social card game before evolving it into a team-based construction game. The idea was that if players were to construct something with their own hands, they could become more attached to the object and become proud of the results


Game Design

This game's design is different because there isn't a sense of a winner but rather overcoming challenges (similar to single player games). The game includes two teams to encourage players to push themselves but also act as the complimenters once the building is over. The various craft materials are provided to encourage smart thinking and the different structure types for unique challenges each time one plays. This is probably one of the least "gamey" games I've created, but it did require rules and organization to encourage such an interaction.


Prototype Testing

Multiple prototypes were produced and performed with groups of testers to improve the game. A survey was created that asked how the testers felt after playing the game, in order to see if the testers felt proud. My first prototype was a social game where players compliment each other in an attempt to be selected as having the best compliment. I discovered that this concept was too awkward to obtain the correct emotion. I then creating a building prototype where the tester had to build a bridge using various craft materials, afterwards I'd compliment them. I found this worked, so I developed this concept by adding teams and more challenging structures to make the players feel more proud as a result of their teamwork.

Development Images and Prototype Testing