Better Sleep

Educational Animation
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Better Sleep informs viewers about factors contributing to proper sleep, both good and bad. "What factors contribute to bad sleep, and how do you get a good night's rest?" People know sleep is good for them but are not aware of how to sleep right. This animation explains many of the basics to start sleeping well. The project was created in a team and special care was taken to keep the graphic style consistent and properly communicate our message.


What factors contribute to bad sleep, and how do you get a good night's sleep?



As college students, a huge issue for many is getting proper sleep. We decided to inform students on simple, key points that contribute to good and bad sleep. We performed research to best communicate to the audience how to sleep right.



A cool blue color palette with a red accent color was chosen to be relaxing and have one color to pop-out. Solid colors with thick outlines were the style we followed to make the assets consistent. Vector graphics were imported into After Effects for animating.



A storyboard was produced to guide asset creation and scene structure. Assets were keyframed in position, scale, and opacity to illustrate our points. Voice-over was included to explain key points.