Alyssa Myers, Dancer at USC

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Alyssa Myers
Alyssa Myers, Dancer at USC
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Alyssa Myers, Dancer at USC is a short film that tells the story of Alyssa Myers and her life-long relationship with dancing. Alyssa speaks on her dancing life while showcasing a lot of her own dance routines. The film was shot and optimized for the IMAX format; shot composition and editing were done carefully to create the best viewing experience. The final film premiered at the Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts IMAX theater.


Telling a story through film



My goal was to tell a story that was real and inspiring. Alyssa Myers is a college friend of mine who I knew very little of her dancing career. I met with her to learn more and was inspired by her story. This influenced my IMAX short film to become about telling Alyssa Myer's story. The film would include a voice over of Alyssa telling her story and displaying several of her dances.



All video was shot at the USC School of Dance using a T5 Canon camera on a tripod. To utilize the IMAX format, every shot was composed to include the subject in the lower third of the frame. To account for a large IMAX screen, everything was shot from a farther distance away. Dances were shot from multiple angles to allow for greater editing opportunities.


On-Site Testing

The film was tested several times at the Robert Zemeckis Center's IMAX theater. Visual cuts were carefully observed to ensure the subject's position flowed reasonably and the subject never appeared too large in any shot.


Video Editing

Video was edited using Adobe Premiere to complement the IMAX format. The subject was kept in about the same screen position between visual cuts to avoid taking the viewer out of the experience. Various shots were chosen to use the entirety of the IMAX screen. Voice-over and music mixing was also done to include Alyssa's story into the film.


Working with Alyssa

The film required close interaction with Alyssa to ensure the film properly communicated her story. Interviews were hosted to learn more about Alyssa's story and record voice-over audio using Adobe Audition. Dances were scheduled to capture the video.

Development and Screenshots