Hello, I'm Lee Thibodeau and I like to create things. Making anything from videos, photographs, games, and even physical creations give me great joy. The creation process is a wonderful thing.

I work for Dell Technologies as a video editor. Their broadcast team is very active and it's amazing to work closely with so many of them.

I am very much drawn to interactive media because of its ability to bring the user into the experience. I also have experience with other media types through the University of Southern California at the School of Cinematic Arts, where I studied Media Arts and Practice. I learned video production, editing, interactivity, programming, and other skills. I also got a Computer Programming minor and took several Game Design courses.
My personal interests include photography, video games, and physical activities. I have loved video games ever since I was two years old. Games provide such entertainment through their gameplay and emotion through their stories. I also love to run, swim, hike, bike, and roller skate. Photography has been a large interest since high school and I try to take photos whenever something catches my eye.

I encourage you to give me a call or send me an Email and I'd be happy to talk about anything else.

Cell Phone: 360-480-3123
Email: thibodeau.lee@gmail.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/lee-thibodeau/
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