A Week's War

One vs Many Fast-Paced Team Game
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A Week's War is a board game that pits three players (the rebellion) against one player (the king) in a game that only lasts seven minutes. In this compact strategy game, the rebellion team must utilize every team member's special ability in order to overthrow the king, while the king must hold onto his kingdom until his reinforcements arrive. The game encourages fast-paced thinking and strategy in order for the rebellion team or king to win. This game was produced as a team project.


Working within the constraints of one vs many, territory control, and a short time limit



We were tasked to create a game that includes strict parameters: one vs many team style, a short time limit, and territory control. We opted for a war style game inspired by the classic game Risk. We implemented the time limit into the premise by making the war last a "week," or seven minutes in real time. We made one player the king and the other three the rebellion leaders. Each rebellion player has a unique ability useful in battle and must strategize with their teammates. The rebellion wins if they seize the king's throne or own more territory by the end of the seven minutes.


Game Design

We fine-tuned the gameplay to function within the parameters while also being fun. We included a 30 second sand timer to limit each team's actions on their turn. If that team didn't use all their actions within the time limit, the day was over and so was their turn. Dice are rolled to determine who wins a battle to keep battling short, considering the time limit. we provided an extra win condition for the rebellion team; if the rebellion captures the throne, they win immediately. This provides extra challenge for the king who start with more territory.


Prototype Testing

Multiple prototypes were produced and playtested to improve the game. Initial prototypes were pen and paper to improve the gameplay before we produce any assets. We experimented with different mechanics, such as special spaces that gave your team defense, but found they were not utilized due to the time limit. The prototype testing helped us quicken the gameplay; the players could think of strategy and still move within the time limit. The abilities of the rebellion team and the king were balanced, and rules were adjusted for understandability and edge cases.

Development Images and Prototype Testing