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I'm Lee Thibodeau. I produce engaging interactive experiences to entertain, inform, inspire, and positively impact my viewers. I consider new ideas and explore emerging technologies to develop innovative digital media experiences.

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Featured Work

Featured Work

Photography Gallery Thumbnail 2.png

Gamified Photo Gallery – Interactive 3D Learning Experience

Game Design, Unity, Programming, Prototyping, Photography

Gamified Photography Gallery is a virtual photo gallery where interactivity and gameplay work together to create a fun learning experience. When the user approaches a photograph, I narrate the story behind it, why I like the image, or how the image was taken. The gallery tracks the pictures the user has seen; doors leading from one space to the next may only be opened after enough photos have been seen. To enhance the gaming experience, the user must collect four pieces of a DSLR camera before exiting.

Hexagons Thumbnail 5.png

Hexagons – Human-Activated Engagement

Programming, Interactivity, UX

Hexagons attracts, entertains, and engages an audience by transforming a blank wall into an exciting, interactive experience. A projector displays a wall of still, orderly, and colorful hexagons while a camera detects movement in front of the wall. When someone (or something) moves in front of the camera, the hexagons reflect this movement by applying force to the same area. The user becomes the "user interface", and every movement made creates an engaging experience where the physical influences the virtual. If no movement occurs for a while, the system of hexagons will manipulate itself randomly to attract a new audience to interact.

Take a Closer Look Thumbnail.png

Take a Closer Look – Meditative Affective Experience

After Effects, Photography, Affective Design

Take a Closer Look explores meditation through a living collage of detailed nature photography. The experience begins with a seemingly solid background and a pulsing circle to emulate a healthy deep-breathing cycle. As the viewer relaxes, the background becomes clearer and transforms into a nature collage. The imagery displays natural beauty and signifies the user's new attention and appreciation of nature through a state of relaxing meditation. In the promotional video, the user slowly dissolves into the collage signifying a heightened state of relaxation and peaceful immersion into nature.

Essential Synergy new thumbnail.png

Essential Synergy – Cooperative Sensory Experience

Interactive Design, Unity, Sensory, UX, Prototyping

Essential Synergy is a cooperative video game prototype where three players work together to overcome challenges. However, this isn't just an ordinary game, as each player has a unique, specific interaction with the game: one player can hear, one player can see, and another player can control. Each player's unique "sense" requires them to work in unison to successfully navigate the game.

Teach and Play Chess Thumbnail.png

Teach and Play Chess – Instructional Coaching Tool

UX, UI, Programming, Logic

Teach and Play Chess enables any game player to play chess. A player can hover the mouse over any piece, including their opponent's, to see all possible valid moves. This provides visual foresight, enabling players to better understand the chess pieces and form potential strategy. The program also detects if a king is in check and informs the player which pieces and moves are valid to save the king from check.

CPR Training Thumbnail.png

CPR Training – Interactive Educational Experience

Interactive Design, UX, UI, Programming, Prototyping

CPR Training is not a replacement for CPR training but rather an encouragement to become CPR certified. The experience begins with a small scenario where you (the user) witness a man collapse. Following the incident, you visit the hospital the man was taken to and find a CPR training class, so a story starts to form. Upon completing the "training" many new buttons appear that tell people's testimonials as well as link to helpful websites about CPR. There is also a button to return "back in time" to when the man collapsed and you have the opportunity to save him, now knowing how CPR works inside this game.

Cardigami Thumbnail.png

Cardigami – Competitive Card Building Game

Project Management, Game Design, Prototyping, Physical Production

Cardigami is a unique card deck where the cards can slot into one another. Each card has colors that indicate other cards it can slot into (red to red, etc.). Shapes are used along with colors to help color blind players distinguish the cards. The game functions like a traditional card deck, in which the cards can be used in a multitude of game rule sets, although a set of instructions was created to provide one way to play with the cards. The final game is production-ready and is publicly distributed through The Game Crafter company. The game costs $14 to make and includes 60 cards, a rule book, and the box.

GI Joe Main Image.png

G.I. Joe: Veteran Edition – Product Design Innovation

Adobe Illustrator, Product Innovation, Physical Construction

G.I. Joe: Veteran Edition converts an average action figure box into a provocative contemplation of our hard-working veterans. Different aspects of veterans are displayed on both sides of the box, the left showing their qualities, while the right shows a few varied career avenues. This mockup was printed to construct an example toy box.

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